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Montreal Kitchen White Oak & Painted White Cotton


The majestic qualities of this Montreal kitchen are evident in its contrasting finishes and key design features, bringing together style and elegance in perfect harmony.

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Traditional Alberta and Belleville kitchen in Character Oak and painted White Cotton

Alberta & Belleville

Traditional overtones are overwhelmingly apparent in this striking kitchen combining the Alberta door with its painted v-grooved counterpart, Belleville, in perfect harmony.

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Contemporary Aurora Kitchen in Painted Light Grey, Gun Metal Grey & Parisian Blue


The beauty of Aurora lies in its simplicity. Clean lines, emphasised by the door’s horizontal timber grain, combined with minimalist features culminate in a contemporary dream space that will gratify even the most demanding pursuer of modern perfection.

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Calgary & Victoria Kitchen in Walnut and Painted Brilliant White

Calgary & Victoria

The deep tones of Walnut combined with a contrasting Brilliant White painted finish result in a luxuriously appointed kitchen paradise.

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Charlotte Traditional Kitchen in Porcelain


A quintessential example of truly 'grand' design, the Charlotte kitchen is accompanied by an exclusive collection of accessories, all created to reflect its elegant nature.

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Edmonton Kitchen Painted White Cotton and White Oak


A marriage of simplicity and style, the Edmonton kitchen boasts many exciting features that make it the ultimate working space for the creative cook.

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Hawkesbury Painted Kitchen in Brilliant White & Sage Green


The Hawkesbury kitchen, with its distinctive design, will become the focal point of any home due to its unique construction.

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Jasper Kitchen in White Oak


This curvaceous design, enriched by a solid White Oak finish, creates a free flowing space punctuated by functional elements that provide enduring appeal.

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Langley Kitchen in White Oak and Painted Porcelain


An enduring classic, Langley combines traditional design elements with muted decor to result in a distinctive working kitchen.

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Lawrence Farmhouse-style Kitchen in Brilliant White & Parisian Blue


Showcased in a contemporary setting, the Lawrence farmhouse-style kitchen shows its versatility with its unique door profile and selection of elegant, yet functional accessories.

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Mayfair Kitchen Painted Sage Green & Stone


Reminiscent of an old country farmhouse kitchen, Mayfair is brought into the 21st century with a soft painted finish and modern accessories and appliances.

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Molson Kitchen Painted Light Grey & Marine with White Oak & Burr Oak


The stunning Molson kitchen that combines both traditional and contemporary elements, is one of our most versatile designs, suitable for all tastes.

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Peterborough & Montreal Kitchen in Painted Gun Metal Grey & Brilliant White and Sandblasted Character Oak

Peterborough & Montreal

A sublime example of 'old meets new', this Peterborough and Montreal combination will attract admirers from both sides of the fence with its modern, monochromatic look enhanced by traditional feature pieces.

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Quebec Shaker Kitchen in Painted Lava


Offering a fresh approach to an established favourite, Quebec's shaker style door with small chamfered profile sits impeccably well in this uncomplicated yet chic kitchen design.

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Sudbury & Hudson Kitchen in Painted Stone and Walnut

Sudbury & Hudson

With inspiration drawn from contemporary rural living, simplicity reigns supreme in this sophisticated and dramatic kitchen design.

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Sutton Kitchen Painted Shell & Graphite with Walnut


With its sumptuous finish and thoughtful detailing, the Sutton kitchen adeptly shows how traditional can meet modern with outstanding results.

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Toronto Kitchen Painted Light Blue & White Cotton


A kitchen designed for comfortable living, Toronto uses soft pastel colours here to accentuate fine details and cosy furnishings, ideal for socialising with family and friends.

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Yorkton Kitchen in Walnut & Painted Suede


Inspired by the traditional methods of fine cabinet making, the Yorkton kitchen offers elegance and charm with its meticulous detailing and stylish design.

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